We have currently 4 investment propositions in portfolio:


Passion Investors has been exclusively mandated by Vandenbrink Design for their ‘Vandenbrink GTO‘ investment case: production of a limited series of 12 unique sports cars, designed and coachbuilt by leading Italian specialists & craftsmen of international fame.
To serve today’s (U)HNW demanding clientele the company has created a unique design, based on a state-of-the-art Italian sportscar platform, as homage to the greatest automotive icon of all time. The design received standing ovations by the worldwide public, press and fellow coachbuilders.

Offering a low risk – high gain investment opportunity, Vandenbrink is now seeking investment to enable a continuous production run of 12 cars ensuring fast delivery to clients. The highly limited series of only 12 cars safeguards exclusivity for passionate and visionary customers who enjoy the value of traditional handmade coachbuilt cars, the underlying automotive quality, aesthetic excellence and historical significance. All together resulting in unique automobiles ready to hit the history books.

“We have reached ocular nirwana thanks to the Vandenbrink GTO: arguably the best-looking car in the world”
– TopGear UK

Inspired by the Italian designs of the Golden Age of motor racing: Minotto V12 Barchetta

Recall the Ferrari Monza, 290 Mille Miglia, Testa Rossa, 335S, Maserati 300S, 450S: some of the iconic Italian racers of the 1950’s with shapes that never get old, offering the purest driving sensations thinkable. Only a handful ever got built, with every one of them writing motor racing history. And this is reflected in their present-day value that sometimes surpasses the 30 million Euro mark. Those were the days. Or where they? Enter the Minotto V12 Barchetta: bespoke hand-built cars constructed in highly limited numbers, guaranteeing exceptional exclusivity.
Passion Investors has been mandated by Minotto to support them in bringing their unique project to the international market through technical advise, fundraising and sales. 

“With Passion Investors’ technical understanding & feel for the high-end market Minotto felt comfortable following their advise to adopt the V12 ‘Colombo’ engine for our series produced cars, creating a unique and exciting proposition in the premier automotive league.” – Hans Teijgeler, Minotto CEO



SoundWhere.com is a unique spot-on mobile application for individuals and companies to narrowcast, broadcast or pinpoint sound and vision to selected audiences at selected places and selected times, introducing a low-threshold creation platform for any person or company to realise and monetise any idea. The service comes as a free app for mobile devices, providing its unique services through a smart combination of technologies: easy do-it-yourself setup with geofencing (localisation via GPS), streaming and Video/Audio On Demand, scheduling, payment services and Digital Rights Management.
This unique combination of accessible tools and features creates a service enabler and moneymaker for individuals, artists and companies alike: make a plan, create your content, do-it-yourself setup, promote and market yourself. Applicable for unlimited services, events & business cases like concerts, events, musea, tourist areas, zoos, parks, guided tours, welcome notifications. The project’s worldwide potential is huge for its broad scope of use: think Q-code, think Home Delivery.

Passion Investors has been exclusively mandated for a ‘Social Music Network’ investment case: a large-scale international social network focussed on the holy grail of music recommendation. The platform offers unique friends recommendation services through a smart combination of social media technologies with integrated Human & Artificial Intelligence.
The network has been successfully beta-tested and is seeking growth capital for next phase rollout.

“Personalised recommendation, executed well, trumps any algorithm or search engine.” – Techcrunch.com


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