Passion investments

We focus on various passion investment segments, including high end automotive, fashion, music, film, media & entertainment.

“As I started to buy cars, I didn’t know that I was building a collection. I just wanted the cars I was dreaming about. Once you have a good one, it’s like having a fever” — Ralph Lauren


The classic art of Special Coachbuilding has been revived in a spectacular way, thanks to a growing number of wealthy collectors again commissioning their very own unique sports- or luxury car. These limited-series and one-off cars evoke the memories and values of the glorious past when automotive icons were created by independent designers and coachbuilders like Pininfarina, Scaglietti, Drogo, Giugiaro, Touring, Vignale, Zagato, Saoutchik and Figoni & Falaschi. Many of these classic automotive artworks represent the top of the present collectors market. The renewed interest in special coachbuilt cars and cars produced in limited-series resulted in today’s high-end market segment thriving in an unprecedented way.

Passion Investors sources unique investment opportunities in the high-end automotive market (blue chips, coachbuilds, limited series), mediating between ventures and investors.

Vandenbrink GTO

Passion Investors has e.g. been exclusively mandated by Vandenbrink Design for their Special Coachbuilding ‘Vandenbrink GTO’ investment case. See portfolio.

Minotto Cars
Passion Investors has been mandated by Minotto Cars to support their Minotto V12 Barchetta business case through consultancy and financing.
See portfolio.


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The entertainment industry landscape is rapidly changing, with emerging new key players and fundamentally different roles for classic players. Passion Investors focusses on start-up and scale-up ventures with a strategy to create compelling platforms/services with solid user bases, resulting in significant yearly turnover & profit with (inherent to common social network valuations) high enterprise valuations.

Social Music Network
Passion Investors has been exclusively mandated for the ‘Social Music Network’ investment case: a large-scale international social network focussed on the holy grail of music recommendation. See portfolio.

Passion Investors has been exclusively mandated for the investment case of a unique spot-on mobile application for individuals and companies to narrowcast, broadcast or pinpoint sound and vision to selected audiences at selected places and selected times. See portfolio.


“The sound of a 12 cylinder engine is music…” – Eric Clapton