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“An investment of passion is a collectable asset that is real and tangible and has the potential to increase in value over time because it is rare and desired by many.” – Dr. Rachel Pownall MSc PhD

Passion Investors guides you to invest in the most promising and exclusive projects & ventures like sports car related coach building projects and other passion investment related ventures in the fashion and entertainment sector, all carefully and critically sourced and evaluated by our team of specialists.

As ‘Passion Investor’ you will become part of a unique club that offers you the opportunity to invest in tangible ventures with the potential of a solid value increase and exceptional ROI.

A good example of a long term successful tangible passion investment has been the rare (classic) sportcars segment. It is a fact that they are fun to drive, represent a distinguished life style, a way to connect with like minded people and are considered being an exciting form of art. It should, however, not be ignored that they also have provided solid returns over time with a low correlation to other asset classes. Over a period of 60 years they almost continuously increased in value. Over the last 10 years prime cars, especially from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, have outpaced several other asset classes.

This trend has been evidenced by various independent investment researchers that publish their results on a regular basis.

The Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index (KFLII) as depicted below, tracks the performance of 11 different passion investments, and publishes a full report on a quarterly basis.

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Independent investment researchers HAGI are publishing monthly data to measure and track values of the rare and collectable car market. This is currently reflected in one overall and four specialized (marque) indices, each using a rigorous financial methodology usually associated with more traditional investments.

The K500 guide was established by classic car guru Simon Kidston, providing a car collectability rating that can go up to a maximum score of 100 points. As a rule of thumb it could be concluded that cars with a collectability rating > 60 points have the potential to increase in value overtime.