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Classic sportcars are fun to drive, a way of life, and considered as a form of art. It should, however, not be ignored that they have also provided solid returns over time. Over a period of 60 years they almost continuously increased in value. Over the last 10 years prime cars, especially from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, have outpaced other asset classes.

This is a trend that has been evidenced by independent investment researchers HAGI, publishing monthly data to measure and track values of the rare and collectible car market ( In addition the, K500 guide is publishing a car collectibility rating that can go up to a maximum score of 100 points ( As a rule of thumb it could be concluded that cars with a collectibility rating > 60 points have the potential to increase in value overtime.

In addition, unlike most traditional asset classes, the risk of a total loss is being significantly reduced as the fund’s tangible assets’ will offer an intrinsic value. Moreover, they offer the opportunity to share a common passion and enthusiasm with other like-minded investors. As a true ‘Passion Investor’ you will invest in a high quality sports car collection -that would be difficult to acquire on an individual basis- and become part of a unique club, with the opportunity to participate in exclusive events organised by us such as:

Car Events

Visits as VIP to prominent car events where you will have the chance to meet icons and experts from the automotive industry.

Road Trips

Drive with us on the most precious roads to unique locations and discover that we will open doors that will stay closed for many others.

Cars & Coffee

Possibility to visit and view the Fund’s Classic Cars in our storage vaults and share your passion with other ‘passion investors’.


Regular presentations about acquisitions and dispositions executed by the Fund.

Although some collectible car values have stabilised over 2016 and 2017, there is an ever depleting supply of Classic Cars and limited editions of modern sports cars (perfect inelastic supply), while it is expected that the demand for the same continues to grow. When picking the right collectible sportcars of the highest quality at the right time it is expected that there will be future value potential.

For more information regarding Passion Investors Classic & Sports Car Fund please contact us:

Note: Particpation to events are voluntary. All costs related to car events and road trips will not be paid for by the Fund.