Our passion and dedication is instilled in everything we do: we strive to break new ground by establishing the first Dutch Sports Car Fund and will only select classic and modern sportcars of the absolute highest standard based on the most stringent criteria such as rarity, originality, condition and history. It is our pleasure to introduce you to Passion Investors.



Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index (KFLII), which tracks the performance of 10 investments of passion, is quarterly publishing a full report. Download the latest report (September 2017) by clicking on the image below.

Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index Q217


Independent investment researchers HAGI are publishing monthly data to measure and track values of the rare and collectable car market. This is currently reflected in one overall and four specialized (marque) indices, each using a rigorous financial methodology usually associated with more traditional investments.

HAGI YEAR END 2017 results

In December 2017 the HAGI Top Index gained 0.79 points (0.23%). This positive month resulted in a meager YE 2017 result of 1.66%. The trend of the HAGI Top Index was broadly reflected by other HAGI sub-indices. The MBCI (Mercedes-Benz Classic Index) was the index that showed the best 2017 performance with a healthy 8.72%.

HAGI P (Rare Porsche): -0.18%

HAGI F (Rare Ferrari):   +2.45%

HAGI TOP ex P&F:        +1.76%

The performance of all HAGI indices was clearly the slowest annual index growth since 1999. HAGI confirmes that transaction volumes and prices in 2017 have declined in some market segments and they recognize there have been no signs of a deflating price bubble.

Source: www.historicautogroup.com